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Supply Clusters Qld

What do you do, when old technology does not keep pace with newer technology like iPads and smartphones?

Well, just ask John Greenhalgh from Supply Clusters Qld. John was suffering when he could not have his iPhone contacts and calendar sync with his
Email when he was out of the office or overseas. This was understandably very frustrating as sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t.

With the help of Country Consulting John has resolved all of these issues with a very simple and cost effective solution we offer called Hosted Exchange.

The team at Country Consulting quickly setup a Hosted Exchange service that allows all of my “smart” technology like iPads, smartphones and laptops to stay in sync. I now have the ability to Send and receive email any where I can get an internet connection. On a recent 17 day visit to the USA, where wifi is plentiful and cheap, I was able to manage my business seamlessly with the new set up.

This solution has removed all of the “frustration” out the technology, it just works! I can now get on with running the business and use the tools I need to stay in contact with my clients.

AutObarn Logan City

Our PC network had grown in a “adhoc” method over the past 5 to 7 years and  while it had file storage via a SMB
Server, and Legacy Email application, they were missing out on the all the “Back Office” products a Microsoft Server Environment could provide.

These features included extra network security and User security and authentication, a better and cheaper “thin Client” technology with terminal services deployment meant better sharing of resources, like excel and word documents, central fax capability.

The ability to have a dedicated Application server and Email server to cater for 50 and more users, made managing the network a much simpler and cost effective process.

Country Consulting was appointed to conduct a site survey and make recommendation of the installation of a complete backend solution.

The new solution included a pair of IBM 3500 series servers for the new SBS and terminal server.  This solution neatly installed into their existing network, and the email and file data transfer was carried out seamlessly, with minimal disruption to any day to day operations.

Jason Beaver (Financial Manager) and long time serving member of the Autobarn staff, has said “the benefit of the complete Microsoft Backend solution is that it has provided a industry standard solution for email and other Microsoft office products we use.

The “terminal Services” and thin client environment has reduce the cost of deployment and given greater security to our network.
The ability to have “third party” application run centrally give us better access to State of the art Scheduling software for the installation department .

Country Consulting has provided a complete installation and on-going maintenance support for us, which ensures the network reliability and performance. The ability to have secure remote access to our servers and applications and email access  via “smartphone” technology has been a great move forward in productivity for us.”

Ryan and Associates

I have never heard anyone who demystifies IT as clearly as Marcel.  Most IT professionals make me feel dumb and vulnerable.  Marcel makes me feel smart because he clearly explains what I need to do to protect myself in cyberspace and maximise communication technology.