Country Consulting Pty Ltd

Universal IT knowledge, Simplified for your business.

Our Story

Country Consulting is an information technology service provider which operates out of its head office in Brisbane, Australia. The name Country Consulting was derived from the concept of providing global solutions, where we are not bound by any borders or limitations. This mindset has allowed us to operate our business with two unique advantages.


We’re able to provide advanced solutions by continously adapting our product portfolio to accomodate new and innovative technologies.


Our solutions positively contribute to your organisation by individually tailoring them to suit your business needs and goals.

Country Consulting’s logo is encapsulated by our catch phrase ‘universal IT knowledge, simplified for your business’.  It shows our dedication to ensuring that any business operator can gain access to and understand the complex world of IT, which has long been known for its complexities that rapidly change in the global market place.

The company was originally formed out of a European based company in 2000.  Later it moved to Australia where today we are known as Country Consulting and are proudly Australian owned and operated. Its founder and current Managing Director, Marcel Vogt states that ‘our prime objective is to work closely with our clients to assist them achieve their strategic objectives so that greater efficiencies and productivities are realised.’

Marcel has owned and operated several international IT companies and understands the needs of businesses to be informed in a simplified way, not with ‘computer jargon’. Today, Marcel still maintains close partnerships with European companies which allows Country Consulting to provide communication, technology transfers and support on a global scale. The convergence of technologies has led to an increasing need for an organisation to provide the complete solution. Today, Country Consulting is in the unique position of being able to offer this service.

Digital Solutions

We’re experts in all things IT.  We’re great at finding digital solutions for your IT needs.

Forward Thinking

Our experience allows us to think ahead when propsing solutions and fixing problems.

Problem Solvers

We know that your business may have unique problems and we understand that.

Customer Support

Our customer support is what sets us apart.  We’re local, fast, and highly trained.